Live in or near Norman Oklahoma and are looking for Dentures?

When you visit Norman Family Dentist for you denture consultation, we will conduct a full dental exam as well a denture consultation. Once we have determined that dentures are the best option for your oral treatment you will then be shown numerous denture options. You will have the option of selecting a set of dentures based on shape and teeth shade that you feel fits you. We have a host of denture options suited for any budget. We pride ourself on a quick turn around time because we know it is important to you to have your dentures as soon as possible.

What are dentures?

Dentures were created for people who, for whatever reason, are missing some or all of their teeth. They are a removable solution for those needing a full or partial set of teeth.

2 Types of Dentures Norman Specialists Provide:

Conventional Full Dentures: In this treatment type all the teeth are removed and the new set of dentures is not utilized until the gums have had time to heal. This healing process can take up to several months and while you are waiting on your gums to heal you will be completely without teeth and without dentures.

Immediate Full Dentures: In this treatment one of our Norman denture specialists takes measurements and has dentures customized for you prior to your teeth being removed. Once your teeth are removed the dentures are immediately placed. This means you will spend zero time walking around with an mouth empty of teeth or denture. If you select this type of denture treatment, do be aware that one or more followups may be required as your jaw bone will slightly change shape as the healing in your mouth takes place. Usually the dentures will need to be tightened after a few months of healing.

Frustrating dentures are a thing of the past:

Here at Norman Family Dentist we pride ourself on staying on the cutting edge with the latest product line and latest dental innovations. Our specialists will guide you through the entire process to make certain you pick the very best set of dentures for you.

In the past dentures were a nightmare. The lack of technology made it almost impossible to make a truly customized set of dentures at affordable prices. In the past even the most expensive well made dentures would require sticky glues and adhesives in an attempt to keep them in place all day.

However, with todays technology and adhesive abilities we will be able to customize a set of dentures that fit you so well, it is easy to keep your dentures comfortably placed from morning to night.

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