Are you experiencing TMJ?

TMJ, short for Tempero Mandibular Joint, is the ball and socket joint that allows your mouth to open and shut. You use it every time you speak, chew, open your mouth, or move it side to side. We all have two of these sockets located a few centimeters in front of your ears.

TMJ Treatment. Fast and affordable

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder or TMJ Syndrome are terms used to cover all of the conditions associated with the TMJ joint. When this joint is out of alignment or experiencing disfunction, it can cause you significant pain. Many people will go years with symptoms of TMJ and not properly get it treated assuming it’s some other ailment. Many of the symtoms of TMJ can be confusing, because there could be many causes for them.

TMJ is often caused by the bite not being aligned. This misaligned jaw can cause you to grind or clinch your teeth leading to a host of complications. By correcting the alignment of the jaw this pain will literally disappear. Besides the obvious reason of treating your TMJ for the pain, it’s also important because if untreated, it can lead to long term damage and complications in your jaw.

This is why if you experience any of the following symtoms it’s crucial that you visit our Norman TMJ specialists for a consultation. There is no reason to suffer unnecessary pain when it’s completely avoidable.

Common TMJ Symptoms:

  • Painful Headaches (These can be mistaken as migraines)
  • Strange back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • A numb feeling in your fingers and/or arms
  • Pain or tightness in your face
  • Pain in your jaw
  • Hearing a pop or click in your jaw
  • Intense grinding of your teeth
  • Clinching of your teeth
  • Congestion in your ears

TMJ Treatment

A large majority of TMJ is the result of a bad bite. Due to this, one of our Norman TMJ specialists will first aim to stabilize the misaligned bite. For a large majority of patients this can be done by making a customized bite guard for you. This is simply a temporary mouth piece that fits over the teeth and helps align the bite.


While the bite guard works for most patients, some patients require more permanent solutions such as installation of a permanent bite guard divice. This will have to be determined by your Norman TMJ specialist during your consultation.

One thing is certain, this is completely treatable and there is no reason to walk around in constant pain. Please call and schedule a free TMJ treatment consultatoin and let us help you relive this pain and tension once and for all.

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