Wisdom Teeth Basics

The average adult mouth is only large enough to hold 28 teeth. Despite this fact, we have evolved to grow 32 teeth. These extra teeth, known as wisdom teeth, grow in as our four back teeth around the age of 18.

Wisdom teeth can cause painful problems for people if they do not grow in properly. Not all dental patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Some lucky patients teeth erupt without crowding the other teeth of the mouth and align properly. When this is the case, no medical intervention is needed and these teeth are not extracted.

However, this is not the case for most people. It is common for them to become impacted. This is the result of the teeth attempting to erupt but instead growing in at a sideways direction, only partially erupting through the gum line, or occasionally staying lodged beneath the gum line in the bone.

Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal Important?

When wisdom teeth become impacted it is key that you see one of our Norman wisdom teeth specialists. One of the most common ailments of impacted teeth comes as a result of a partial eruption. When the wisdom teeth only breach the surface of the gum line the opening the tooth creates becomes a natural home for bacteria to grow. This bacteria in the breach of the gum leads to infection, painful swelling, and can often lead to illness.

reasond to remove wisdom teeth

Another common problem caused by impacted wisdom teeth is the disfunction they create amongst the natural alignment of your other teeth. If you avoid wisdom teeth removal, especially if they are impacted, and you’ve ever had braces or Invisalign than you could very easily waste the thousands of dollars you spent on those treatments. Impacted wisdom teeth can crowd and shift teeth as they grow and try to find a place to erupt.

Patient with wisdom teeth.

Free Norman Wisdom Teeth Removal Consultations:

We hope you will seek a consultation with one of our Norman wisdom teeth removal specialists before you ever experience these problems. We recommend that our patients seek early removal as a means to avoid the problems listed above before they ever become an issue.

When you come in for a wisdom teeth removal consultation we will x ray your mouth to determine the exact position of your teeth. Once we know the exact position our Norman wisdom teeth specialists will be able to tell you if you need excraction or if they are growing in straight. Our wisdom teeth removal specialist will also help you determine a timeline for the extraction. Sometimes there is no real rush and sometimes it is crucial that you get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible. Only a consultation and x rays can answer those questions.

If it is time for you to consider wisdom teeth removal, please give us a call for a free consultation:
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